May 15, 2009

Naples Real Estate - 87% Increase in Pending Sales in April 2009.

The Naples Association of Realtors (NABOR) just released today the last figures in April 2009 for the real estate activity in the Naples area.
The figures are once again, and for the 15 consecutive months, in an upward trend. Naples is progressively en route for a more balance market. Great opportunities still exist for buyers but it might not be so easy in the next months to negotiate a great purchase price as the inventory continues to declines and sellers might not be incline to negotiate deeply.
The inventory declined 16% for properties over $300,000 and the median price for the same properties is unchanged compared to April 2008. A few other figures:
  • Overall home sales: 582 in April 2009 - 486 in April 2008 - 20% increase.
  • Overall pending sales - properties under $300,000: 792 in April 2009 - 265 in April 2008 - 199% increase.
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