April 18, 2009

Naples Real Estate Inventory Declines 8%

The total inventory for homes for sale decreased 8% in March 2009 compared to March 2008. Residential sales are up again in the Naples area real estate market.
For March 2009 compared to March 2008, the number of pending sales increased 86%:
  • 586 pending home sales in March 2008.
  • 1089 pending home sales in March 2009!
The trend is particularly strong for properties with a listing price of $300,000 and under: 194% increase for this segment:
  • 275 in March 2008.
  • 808 in March 2009.
The closed sales increased globally 38% for the same period.
Now it is frequent to have multiple bidders on properties listed in the low range and it is not rare to see foreclosed properties or short sales selling for more than their listing price.
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